This Week's Mass Schedule

Funerals: To support our parish family in its grief, regular daily Mass, whenever possible will be transferred to the hour of the funeral

Saturday, January 12th - Christmas Weekday
      5:30 pm   + Frank Gregor Jr

Sunday, January 13th - The Baptism of the Lord
      7:30 am   Int: Christian Mothers
      9:00 am   + Cindy Koziol
      11:00 am   Int: Brandon Edwardson
      7:30 pm   People of the Parish

Monday, January 14th - Weekday
      9:30 am   Int: Heidi Allstop

Tuesday, January 15th - Weekday
      5:30 pm   + Grace Littke

Wednesday, January 16th - Weekday
      7:30 am   Int: Mary Morris
      10:00 am   (Leach)   Int: Davis family

Thursday, January 17th - Saint Anthony, Abbot
      10:45 am   (SCLC)   Int: Theresa Thompson
      1:00 pm   + James Randall

Friday, January 18th - Weekday
      7:30 am   Int: James and Charlette Uriell

Saturday, January 19th - Weekday
      5:30 pm   + Glenn Waldera

Sunday, January 20th - Second Sunday in Ordinary Time
      7:30 am   + Kenneth Kuehn
      9:00 am   Int: Marilee Althoff
      11:00 am   People of the Parish
      7:30 pm   + Roman Berg