This Week's Mass Schedule

Funerals: To support our parish family in its grief, regular daily Mass, whenever possible will be transferred to the hour of the funeral

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Saturday, August 8th - Saint Dominic, Priest
          5:30 pm -    + Regina Haberman

Sunday, August 9th - Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time
          7:30 am -     Int: Christian Mothers
          9:00 am -      People of the Parish
          11:00 am -   + Mary Ann Vellenga

Monday, August 10th - Saint Lawrence, Deacon and martyr
          9:30 am -     ++ Frank and Mary Karel

Tuesday, August 11th - Saint Clare, Virgin
          5:30 pm -     + Rita Ethier

Wednesday, August 12th - Weekday / Saint Jane Frances de Chantel, Religious
          7:30 am -     + Anna Marie Fleck

Thursday, August 13th - Weekday / Saints Pontian, Pope and Hippolytus, Priest, Martyrs
          7:30 am -     Int: Dick and Rose Shorma

Friday, August 14th - Saint Maximilian Kolbe, Priest and Martyr
          7:30 am -     Int: Paul and Kayla Shorma

Saturday,, August 15th - The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
          8:00 am -    + Rita Yaggie (not a holy day of obligation)
          5:30 pm -     Int: Lindsay and John O’Hair

Sunday, August 16th - Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time
          7:30 am -     People of the Parish
          9:00 am -    + Cindy Koziol
          11:00 am -   Int: Iris O’Hair