Introducing our new
Development Program

What is Development?

Over the past several years, we as a Catholic community have made significant investments in our Church and School buildings. Now, looking to the future, the Parish Finance Council and the Endowment Committee have endorsed the creation of a development office to ensure our long term health and vibrancy.

A development program uses good planning and sound stewardship to seek out the people, talent and dollars necessary for sustainability and growth.

For example, good planning requires initiatives to address school tuition and enrollment. Sound stewardship includes transparency, such as an annual financial snapshot of the parish.

There are three primary initiatives to our development program. These include our Planned Giving Program, the Annual Fund for St. John's Catholic School, and our Fall Parish Stewardship Drive.

    Planned Giving     School Annual Fund     Parish Fall Stewardship Drive

                                   Why is Development Necessary?

Development gives people who care deeply about a particular ministry an opportunity to do something special for that ministry, whether that is volunteering or donating to the school, music ministry, youth ministry, religious education, outreach to the poor, or other ministries.

Is Now the Right Time?

As we initiate this program, we recognize there may be some donor-fatigue among faithful parishioners. Rest assured that our efforts will always be an invitation, and not an obligation. We believe almsgiving should be a free response to a prompting of the Holy Spirit, and never something people feel pressured to do.

Please join us in considering how each of us can use our own God-given time, talent, and treasure to help each other and to continue making St. John’s a truly wonderful community!