Fall Stewardship Drive

The weekly collection supports our parish, plain and simple.  It provides for our buildings, our staff, and our outreach activities.  Without your generosity to St. John’s our community and our ministries would not exist.  Thus each fall we conduct a stewardship drive to invite, and in some cases even re-evangelize, our fellow Catholics, to take the next step forward.

About 60% of registered households participate in the weekly offering.  This includes the growing number who have signed up for online giving.  Online giving makes it easier for you to remember your weekly gift, and supports the parish if you are out of town.  This is especially important with so many people going South in the winter and to the Lakes in the summer.

Many others participate each week without using envelopes as significant contributions are received in the collection basket.  However, generally those who use their church envelopes tend to be more involved in parish life.  Did you know that approximately 85% of our collection comes from envelopes, with about 8% from online giving and 7% from the basket?

The Stewardship Drive is NOT a new fund or appeal.  Rather, it is a tool for effective planning.  Imagine trying to balance your budget if you had no idea what your income would be.  We ask each of our parishioners to help us be financially responsible by filling out a commitment card telling the parish what your expected gifts will be for the next year.  These cards are distributed in the fall, or you can print your commitment card here and return it to the Church.

We understand that your estimate may not be exact.  That’s okay.  Please do the best you can, and keep in mind that the more consistent you make your weekly or monthly contributions the more accurately we can in turn plan out our parish budget for the coming year.

Finally, we also invite you to learn more about other options for giving that may provide significant tax credits, or gifts from your lifetime accumulated assets with planned giving.