St. John’s Endowment

What is an Endowment?  In an endowment, the donor’s original gift amount, the ‘principal,’ is not spent; only the earnings on the investment are used to aid the church or school. 

Within the St. John’s Endowment, donors can direct their gifts to one of five general areas to serve the long-term needs of the parish and St. John’s Catholic School. Typically, gifts to these funds are made through special planned gifts such as bequests in a will or gift annuities.

There are great tax advantages to making a contribution now, or you may contribute through an estate gift.

Please explore our resources below to learn more about our needs for funding and the generous North Dakota tax credits that are available for contributing to an endowment!

                                      Endowment Resources:

                                         Endowment Brochure

                                         Endowed Funds Chart

                                      Endowment Tax Credit Flyer