Planned Giving

 Did you know that North Dakota offers tax credits up to 40% of your gift to
             an endowment, or a separate credit for other planned gifts?

                  We are blessed to have this great opportunity in ND!

In an Endowment, the donor’s original gift amount, the ‘principal,’ is not spent; only the earnings on the investment are used to aid the church or school.  At St. John’s you can contribute to the general endowment for the Church or School, or contribute to a specific area of need.  There are great tax advantages to making a contribution now, or you may contribute through an estate gift.

A Charitable Gift Annuity is a wonderful planned gift for those that want to do something special for the church or school, but at the same time need retirement income.  These are part gift and part annuity, and can provide fixed payments to you for the rest of your life.

A Will or Bequest is the most common type of planned gift.  These are often the most significant gifts for you and the Church or School.  With a simple sentence or two you can easily remember St. John’s in your will for a set amount or percentage of your estate.  You can also provide for us as a designated beneficiary for your retirement, bank, or investment accounts.

Planned Giving Resources:

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