Annual Fund
                                 for St. John's Catholic School

Our parish subsidy to the Catholic School, while on par with other parochial schools, has reached the point where there is very little, if any, room to increase the parish subsidy.

After tuition and parish subsidy, development gift revenue represents a new funding source, the third leg of the funding stool. The more that we can attract gift revenue for the school, especially through our annual fund, the less the parish has to subsidize the school.

Therefore the annual fund is an integral part of continuing Catholic elementary education. It provides resources each year to supplement the budget and address otherwise unmet needs.

During its first year in 2013, the annual fund raised over $70,000 for the school in gifts and pledges from over 200 households. The school is overwhelmed with the response! If you would still like to join in with us, you can complete and return a pledge form here.

In the past year, the annual fund has allowed us to purchase new music education instruments (along with a grant from the Eagles Club), to replace our broken photocopier, and to help meet our general expenses for school operations.

Finally, if you might be interested in helping with any of our current needs, please contact our Principal Mrs. Renee Langenwalter at St. John’s Catholic School to learn more!