1. The Church of St. John's of Wahpeton, North Dakota is a part of the Diocese of Fargo and is a religious corporation organized and existing under the Laws of the State of North Dakota. It owns and operates Calvary Cemetery, in accordance with the rules and discipline of the Roman Catholic Church, the Statutes of the Diocese of Fargo, and the Laws of the State of North Dakota. The Calvary Cemetery Board shall be the Agent of the parish for the administration of the business of Calvary Cemetery. It reserves the right to refuse admission to the Cemetery and to refuse the use of the Cemetery's facilities, at any time, to any persons whom the Cemetery Board may deem objectionable to the best interest of the Cemetery. Calvary Cemetery is intended for the burial of Catholics who are entitled to Christian burial according to the rules and discipline of the Roman Catholic Church. Any questions of the burial of a non-Catholic member of the family of the Holder of Burial Rights, or of any person not entitled to Christian burial according to the rules and discipline of the Catholic Church, shall be decided by the local pastor.

2. All fees or charges of any kind shall be payable to St. John's Parish.

3. The throwing of rubbish on the drives and walks or in any part of the Cemetery or in the buildings shall be prohibited.

4. The placing of boxes, shells, toys, metal designs, ornaments, chairs, settees, vases, glass, wood, or iron cases, and similar articles on plots shall not be permitted.

5. Dogs shall not be allowed in the Cemetery.

6. The Calvary Cemetery Board hereby expressly reserves the right to adopt additional Rules and Regulations, to amend or repeal any rules, regulation article, section, or sentence or these General Rules and Regulations at any time, and without notice.


7. The rules and regulations of the Catholic Church governing cemeteries prescribe that the title to the land used for cemetery purposes shall vested in the Parish. Title to the land in any lot in Calvary Cemetery shall remain in the Diocese of Fargo.

8. Persons desiring to purchase Burial Rights shall contact the sexton of the Calvary Cemetery.

9. No Burial Rights shall be sold in common or joint ownership. Title shall stand in one name. No money refunded when Burial Rights are deeded back to Cemetery.

10. The Association shall have the right to enlarge, reduce, replot, or change boundaries of the Cemetery, or a section or sections of the Cemetery; to change location of roads, gutters, pipe lines, et cetera, without notice to holders of Burial Rights, and without prejudice to said Rights.

11. Description of any and all lots shall be in accordance with the Cemetery plots which shall be kept on file with the Calvary Cemetery Board.

12. The Calvary Cemetery Board shall take all reasonable precautions to protect the interests of the Holders of Burial Right within the Cemetery from loss or damage. The Calvary Cemetery Board shall not be responsible for loss or damage from causes beyond its reasonable control.

13. The right to interment in a lot shall be granted only to Holders of Burial Rights. The Cemetery Board reserves the right to refuse to permit the interment of any one who was not at the time of death the Holder of Burial Rights or a relative of the Holder by blood or marriage. In all other cases written permission of the Holder of Burial Rights shall be required by the Cemetery Board before interment shall be made.

14. Purchased lots that have no activity for 30 years and no living relatives can be contacted, will have ownership of lot revert to Calvary Cemetery.


15. The special care of the Cemetery shall be assumed by the Calvary Cemetery Board.

16. The term "General Care" shall be construed to mean the cutting of grass at reasonable intervals, the cleaning of grounds, the pruning of shrubs and trees which may be placed by the Board and the general preservation of the grounds and property of the Cemetery as long as it shall be used as a Cemetery.

17. The general care assumed by the Cemetery Board shall in no way include the care of monuments and markers.

18. General care shall include the replacement of soil on individual lots, the reseeding and sprinkling of grass.


19. The Cemetery shall be open for interments at reasonable hours every day of the year, providing burial conditions are feasible. Whenever possible interments on Sundays, Holydays of Obligation and the Legal Holidays shall be avoided.

20. The burial of an infant may take place on the top of a grave or between graves of a deceased relative.


21. Cremains may be buried in Cemetery on existing grave spaces only. Only 2 Cremains per grave space are allowed.

22. All Cremains are required to use a minimum of a concrete grave box.


23. All removals shall be made in accordance with the laws of the Roman Catholic Church and the laws of the state of North Dakota.

24. The Board shall exercise reasonable care in making removals, but it shall assume no liability for damage to any casket or burial case in making removal.


25. Plantings of trees shall be made by the Cemetery Board only.

26. Respective Monument Companies are responsible for any damage to any Cemetery properties while installing markers. Monument Companies must make arrangements with Cemetery Sexton prior to any installation.

27. All military markers must be installed in a family marker.